Behavioral Counseling

Heydari Health Center offers cognitive behavioral counseling, supporting our patients along the path to successful weight loss. We believe that no amount of dieting, good intentions, or motivation can result in lifelong weight loss, until the reasons we eat, when and what we eat are addressed and combated.

Heydari Health Center offers a complete and comprehensive weight loss approach focused on addressing the guiding force to anything we do…our minds and thoughts.

Make this time, the difference between successful weight loss for a lifetime, or simply, another attempt!

Simple Changes in Thoughts and Behaviors
Behavior is a result of our thoughts, that elicit certain feelings, and emotions which in turn lead us to behave in certain ways. Losing weight forever consists of learning to elicit the correct thoughts regarding situations, resulting in positive emotions and behaviors.

Our techniques are innovative, creative and most of all effective.  Let’s work together and learn to think in positive ways that result in desired emotions and outcomes!

Stress is a fact of modern life. It is everywhere, all the time- Caring for children, disabled persons and elderly parents, holding down jobs, making time for a social life, dealing with extraordinary events such as deaths, illnesses, natural disasters and social upheavals can all cause stress. There is no way to escape stress. But there are ways to handle it better. Learning to become more emotionally resilient can dramatically improve your attitude, your health, and your self esteem, setting you on the path of empowerment and understanding, in order to combat and control damaging habits.

Emotional Eating
We all have particular issues we don’t want to face. For some of us, when those issues arise, it can set us into a need to escape unwanted feelings, and lead us to “soothe” ourselves with food. Some of us may even experience a feeling of ecstasy after consuming a large amount of food. But, once the “high” subsides, we are left feeling, worse than before; Remorseful, guilty, worthless and powerless. This cycle sabotages good intentions and becomes a habit, keeping us on the emotional, and diet roller coaster. Breaking the habit of roller coaster dieting and emotions is a matter of identifying, and conquering unwanted behavior.

Allow yourself to experience, the first weight loss program that is dedicated to the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. Permanent weight loss starts with the understanding, that it’s not only what you can lose, but what you stand to gain…forever!