HCG Sublingual

HCG Sublingual

We have Releana and Trim Contour HCG available.

Our patients say that these products burns fat in all the right places and call it a miracle cure!

Sublingual Liquid is effective for both men and women with absolutely no side effects. It has been clinically tested and proven to help you lose weight quickly and safely. On the program, patients see the inches melt away in a matter of days. The TrimContour program works!

Our patients typically lose ten percent of their starting weight with each program and even more impressive are the inches lost. The unique combination of ingredients target fat loss, converting your fat tissue into fuel your body can use. You lose fat quickly, feel energized and don’t experience muscle loss.

Even patients who have been unsuccessful on other diets are shocked at their rapid weight loss results. If you’re motivated, it’s a simple plan that brings hope, as it teaches behavior modification for long-term success!

Our HCG Programs are a medically-managed program that utilizes this prescription liquid and an 8-week program.