Medically Managed Weight Loss

The following programs are designed to help reduce your BMI health risks and promote life-long physical and emotional wellness. Physical progress is monitored with the latest bio-electrical impedance analysis, physical exam, and fitness testing. Behavioral health consultations promote performance transformation with an extra dose of motivation and encouragement.

Pre-Surgery Weight Loss Program for Bariatric Surgery Patients (BMI of 35 and greater)

Individuals who have made the decision to move forward with weight loss surgery will find this program very helpful in preparing for diet and lifestyle changes necessary to acheive optimal post-operative results. This program may meet the medically managed dieting requirements necessary to obtain approval from insurance companies for weight loss surgery.

Initial Consultation Includes:

(1) Medical consultation and evaluation with Bariatric Weight Loss Physician
(1) Consultation with Licensed Clinical Nutritionist
(1) Consultation with Behaivoral Health Counselor
Treatment Phase Includes:
Monthly follow-up visit with Bariatric Weight Loss Physician
Monthly follow-up with Clinical Nutritionist
Monthly follow-up with Behavioral Health Counselor


Post Weight Loss Surgery Program (BMI of 25 and greater)

Life’s challenges may have made reaching and/or maintaining weight loss goals difficult following weight loss surgery. Post-op patients will learn how to successfully reconnect with their surgical “tool” (i.e., Lap-Band, Gastric Bypass, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, etc.). Start implementing measures that reclaim your transformation.

Program Includes:
(1) BMI Weight Buster’s “tool kit” (Health and fitness journal, pen and pedometer)
(1) Consultation/evaluation with Bariatric Surgeon
(1) Follow-up consultation with Bariatric Surgeon
(1) Consultation with Clinical Nutritionist
(3) Follow-up visits with Clinical Nutritionist
(1) Consultation with Certified Fitness Trainer
(1) Body Composition Analysis
(6) Behavior modification consultations with Behavioral Counselor
Weekly weigh-in with Healthcare Specialist
(Optional) Long-term follow-up with Bariatric Surgeon (subject to additional fees)

Treatment Therapies for Chronic Illness and Eating Disorders (Any BMI)

Good nutrition is a vital part to battling disease such as cancer, bowel dysfunction, intestinal disease, malabsorption, infections, and autoimmune diseases. Through cognitive and nutritional counseling, patients learn how to replace unhealthy eating habits and behaviors with those that promote good health.
Initial Consultation includes:

(1) Consultation/evaluation with a Physician
(1) One hour consultation with the Behavioral Counselor
(1) One hour consultation with the Clinical Nutritionist
Follow-up visits are tailored to patient’s individual needs

Life Long Follow-up Program (Any BMI)

After completing any of our comprehensive treatment programs, you are provided the opportunity to continue routine follow-up care with our team.


LAPBAND FILL is performed at Heydari Health Center for those patients who have had lapband surgery with another surgeon elsewhere, but now find themselves looking for local care or do not have insurance coverage. Dr. Heydari is dedicated to take care of all lapband patients, as they need ongoing support.