Nutritional Counseling

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling great!                                  

Nutrition CounselingEnergy, confidence and control of your health and life are what this healthy lifestyle plan is all about. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, a man or a woman, in great shape or have never exercised before—this plan can help you increase your energy, improve your shape, reduce your health risks, and maximize your overall well-being.  By committing to this healthy way of eating, you are taking the first step toward better health and body composition. So let’s get started!

Utilizing the FirstLine Therapy plan, you will learn what healthy lifestyle decisions to make regarding your balanced eating, simple exercise plan, reduction of stress and using the correct supplements.  Proper eating will have a direct influence on excess insulin production, body composition, and disease prevention.

Your Certified Lifestyle Educator will help you plan what to eat, how much, and how often and you will gain knowledge of the health-promoting fats good for your heart and health along with what to avoid. You will eat three meals and two to three healthy snacks a day and may choose to add a nutritionally superior protein shake which provides support for patients with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, or type-2 diabetes. Your plan will include adequate protein intake to support muscle, skin, hair and other tissues of the body, along with fruits, vegetables, dairy, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, starchy vegetables, legumes and grain.  You will never be hungry on this plan yet many of our patients lose 10 pounds or more in the first month alone.

Physicians recommend a therapeutic lifestyle change as the first step to recovering health and body composition. It will lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and better balance insulin as you lose the weight. Learning how to eat properly for health will be the last program you will ever need!